I teach designers, activists, advocates and planners to write the way they would talk, and to make sure that people in power will give attention.

I've taught first-year students at NYU Stern School of Business, veteran teachers of New York City's premier public and private schools, and government activists. Email me at alec@allbeforeus.com for work samples and proposals. 

As lawyers develop theories from evidence and doctors diagnose cases from knowing how the body works, systems analysts develop proposals from facts and process expertise.
— Capstone syllabus
Your faculty live on the same planet as you, so we know that 20 pages runs longer than most people read or write. It’s this seriousness and clarity, though, that strengthens policy proposals. We’ll workshop how topic sentences, characters and visual images, and conversational asides can sustain a voice through what can become a slog for readers and writers alike.
— Syllabus, class nine
Now that you’ve described your research methods, you should feel competent to recommend a step or policy or investment. Talk about how your research leads you to this recommendation, how you need to qualify it, and how you can use technical terms or expertise to make it.
For class nine, comb through your paper and flag (but do not correct, yet) language or thought patterns that come from a source. Make sure you know where to find that source and how to characterize it in your analysis.
— Syllabus, class seven