Writing for experts sometimes becomes easier when you hire a writing expert. I can deliver your report, proposal, working document or marketing piece with visualizable, data-driven prose. I can also train your staff in effective policy writing, persuasive writing, social media and media relations.

Storytelling’s detail, sequence and imagery can help stakeholders decide where to place their trust and how to measure progress. I use journalism and analysis to help organizations evolve new systems to help communities thrive. Here’s a case study showing how a London firm used WELL certification to drive up air quality, productivity and bookings.

This is a recent report I wrote on how architects can make buildings ecologically smarter. This is a more recent report, summarizing an expert Urban Land Institute panel's revitalization recommendations to a Hudson River town. Other work ended up proprietary, but I'm happy to anonymize it.

Please email me at alec@allbeforeus.com for other samples or with queries.